Our Story

A Note from our Founder:

The famous quote says “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor” and I think we have all experienced this in one way or another; the harsh reminder that life isn’t always smooth sailing. But those ups and downs can change us and bring about possibilities we never even imagined. That’s what happened to me. 


I had a long and heartbreaking road to my now one year old son. The wait was excruciating and I felt like everyone around me was moving on with their lives while mine was standing still. That’s when the Paperboat logo came to me. I had a vision of a tiny origami paper boat out on the stormy seas, struggling, while all the other boats whizzed by to their destinations. I clung to the image of this fragile boat continuing to float toward its own destination, at its own pace. And despite the odds, it gets there. I think it’s an image that a lot of people can relate to; wanting something so badly but struggling to get there. The paper boat represents that “little engine that could” mentality; the perseverance factor that sometimes makes getting there even sweeter.


One thing that helped pass the time during my own wait was traveling. My husband is an excellent bargain hunter and was able to plan some amazing trips for us. I have always been the world’s worst packer, I never felt organized, and I certainly never felt stylish while traveling. So I set out to design travel bags that worked for me, that I also loved the look of. Most of the ideas were loosely based on an old canvas duffel bag my dad used to have. It was navy blue with white straps and it had a classic look that I always loved. The idea continued to take off from there. 

Fast forward to early 2020. My husband and I were (happily) "stuck" on the Cape in our rental property that we were unable to rent due to the pandemic. We would go for daily walks around the neighborhood and that’s when I really fell in love with the Cape aesthetic- the muted coastal colors, the effortless beauty, and the calm feeling that washes over you as soon as you cross the bridge. I couldn’t get enough of it. I combined that aesthetic with my previous designs and finally had an idea I was truly proud of. 


Later that year, my own paper boat finally reached its destination- I had my son! With the pandemic still going on, we had to find family friendly day trips to keep ourselves from going stir crazy. Traveling with a baby was a whole different ballgame and my bag ideas evolved even more as a result. At this point I found a manufacturer who was able to bring my vision to life and I haven't looked back.


To all the little Paperboats out there going through a hard time, keep floating. You got this. 



xo, Katie