Mini Road Trip to Ogunquit, ME

Yesterday I decided to pack up the mobile office and work from Maine for the day. I tossed my computer, notebook, and a sweatshirt in my Land Ho duffel and hit the road. It was a crisp, 60 degree September day and the leaves in Southern Maine were already beginning to turn, a lovely added pop of color in an already stunning coastal town. 

When I was about fifteen minutes outside of Ogunquit I came to a fork in the road with a sign for Cape Neddick Lobster Pound. They have the most beautiful buoy display of all time so I simply could not pass by the opportunity to check it out while in the area. Highly recommend for all my fellow buoy lovers!

Cape Neddick Lobster Pound buoy hut. Converse shoes kicked up next to Paperboat duffel bag with colorful buoys in the background. Coffee and macarons with Paperboat duffel on bistro chair
Three million buoy pics later, I finally made it to Ogunquit. I started off with a late morning latte from a cute Parisian-style coffee shop called Mornings in Paris . I couldn’t resist picking up a pack of their macarons, as well, yum! I sat at a cute bistro table on a little deck outside and did some Shore Road people watching. Super relaxing, friendly vibe- a great first stop.

The skies were threatening so I did an abbreviated version of the walk I had planned along Marginal Way. It is a beautiful pedestrian and bike friendly walkway that extends just over a mile with gorgeous views of the coastline. 

When I do a day trip, I typically love exploring every nook and cranny of a town, but since there were lots of showers in the forecast I decided to stay on the main strip so I could easily duck into stores and restaurants as needed. Luckily, Ogunquit’s main stretch of shops overlooks the ocean so it was a great place to be “stuck”. As I walked along the Shore Road strip, I stumbled upon my *dream* store, Goods Ogunquit. It is a tiny building filled with neutral, coastal treasures- swoon. I scoped out out a few other little gift shops before taking a work/lunch break.

 Goods Ogunquit store sign and front patio. Inside Goods Ogunquit Inside Goods Ogunquit Sweatshit store in Ogunquit with LGBTQ+ Pride flags hanging in window.
I was just hoping for a quick, affordable lunch so I decided to check out a spot I had seen on my walk called The Beach Basket. Adorable, cozy decor and delicious food (extensive grilled cheese menu), it was the perfect place to hunker down for a bit while it rained. 

Bright Yellow Beach Basket sign 
The storm passed and I decided to venture about a mile from the center to Perkins Cove. This place has a special spot in my heart- it was the location of our very first official Paperboat photoshoot. It is a quaint section of Ogunquit with several shops and restaurants. It also features a beautiful footbridge and a harbor full of brightly colored boats- a perfect backdrop for a stunning coastal New England photoshoot. 

Perkins Cove footbridge   
I explored for a while longer, popping into a few different boutique stores, and taking tons of pictures. As my luck would have it, the sun came out just as I was getting in my car to head home, ha! Oh well, even a rainy day in Ogunquit is a beautiful one. Can’t wait to visit again!